How Can I Conserve Water?

That is the question everyone has been asking ever since Governor Brown urged every Californian to cut their water use by 20%. On average, Riverside residents use around 70 million gallons of water each day. To keep in step with the Governor’s proposal, we each need to save about 15 gallons a day.

Luckily there are some simple ways to conserve water in the home that can really add up.

  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth: 10 gallons
  • Install a low-flow showerhead: 12.5 gallons
  • Shorten your shower to 5 minutes: 12.5 gallons
  • Use the light wash setting on your dishwasher (and don’t pre-rinse): 8 gallons
  • Put aerators in kitchen and bathroom sinks: 3 gallons

To conserve more water outside of the home, try the following tips when tending to your lawns and gardens:

  • Let the grass grow to twice the typical length. The denser grass will help reduce evaporation and lessen your need to water.
  • Plant drought-resistant native plants, which have adapted to our low-water climate and won’t need regular watering after they’ve been established.
  • Install spray nozzles for your hoses to keep water from gushing out as you move it around the yard.
  • Clean driveways and walkways with a broom—not a hose.
  • Turn off sprinklers in the parkway between the street and the lawn. The Western Municipal Water District is offering rebates for high-efficiency sprinkles nozzles and free precision spray nozzles while supplies last!
  • Replace your thirsty grass lawn with drought-friendly designs.

For more water conservation tips, visit Save Your Water or the Metropolitan Water District.

In what ways are you already conserving water in your life?

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