Rev It Up! Five Ways to Better Car Care

We all know that cars need regular maintenance and repair. However, when done right, car care can keep more than just the vehicle running in tiptop shape. Knowing how to properly manage automotive fluids and materials helps prevent harmful pollutants like motor oil, grease, copper, asbestos and zinc from running into our local waters and upsetting aquatic life. Follow these five simple tips to better car care:

  • Never hose down your work area. Harmful pollutants could be washed into the storm drains and into our local waters. Sweep or vacuum the shop floor instead.
  • Use a funnel and drip pan to prevent unexpected leaks and spills. You can avoid fluid spills by emptying and wiping the drip pans when they are half-full.
  • Collect, store and recycle used automotive fluids like motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid and gear oil separately. Mixed waste fluids are not accepted for recycling.
  • Keep dry absorbent materials or a wet/dry vacuum on hand to quickly clean up mid-sized spills.
  • Train employees on efficient hazardous waste spill response and emergency procedures.

Check out our Automotive Maintenance and Car Care Best Management Practices brochure for more tips.

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