Off the Couch and on the Trail

Tell the kids to stop playing those electronic games, dust off their bikes and hit the Santa Ana River Bike Trail.

With Summer upon us, what better way of getting the kids disconnected from their gaming system than a fun bike ride exploring the natural world right in town! And you should join them! Not only is a bike ride a great way of seeing nature, but pedaling a bicycle provides an aerobic workout that is easier on joints while still building muscle tissue.

The nearby Santa Ana Trail & Parkway, part of the Santa Ana Watershed, offers biking enthusiasts a safe, healthy, and family-friendly option to enjoy the bio-diversity and beauty of the watershed. Using the trail system is an opportunity for:

  • Safe Road Sharing — Why share the road with a two-ton vehicle when you can share the road with Mother Nature? The trail is designed for joggers and biking enthusiasts, with vehicle traffic off-limits.
  • Family Bonding Time — The memories you create on bike rides will be remembered by your family for years to come. Pack a picnic blanket and enjoy the many parks that dot the Santa Ana River Trail.
  • Nature Seeking — Be on the lookout for Red tailed hawks, egrets, bobcats, lizards and snakes as they inhabit the watershed. Various endangered species like the least Bell’s vireo and the Southern Willow Flycatcher can be seen on occasion.

Access points to the Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway within the County of Riverside are at the following locations:

  • Fairmount Park- 2601 Fairmount Blvd., Riverside
  • Mount Rubidoux Park- Ninth St. at Mt. Rubidoux Dr., Riverside
  • Ryan Bonaminio Park- 5000 Tesquesquite Ave., Riverside
  • Marth McLean/Anza Narrows Park-5759 Jurupa Ave, Riverside
  • Rutland Park-7000 Rutland Ave., Riverside
  • Hidden Valley Nature Center-11401 Arlington Ave, Riverside

Enjoy the wonders that the Santa Ana Watershed and Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway offers for your health and recreation. And remember to please respect the River. Pack up all your picnic trash and carry it out. It’s everyone’s job to keep our trails clean and beautiful. Please, don’t trash our trails!

Map link courtesy of the City of Riverside Public Works Department website.

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