Four Reasons to be Thankful for your Watersheds

At Thanksgiving we pause and reflect on what we are grateful for, thinking of family and friends, good health and good fortune. We should also remember to be thankful for our watersheds because:

  1. Watersheds Provide Quality Water Supply
  • Supplies clean drinkable water to local communities
  • Provides water for growing food and plants
  • Reduces the impacts of climate change by cooling the air and absorbing greenhouse gas emissions
  1. Watersheds Promote Water Conservation
  • Provides basins and other dependable groundwater sources to store water
  • Reduces negative effects of drought
  • Supports habitat for wildlife and plants
  1. Watersheds Support Economic Benefits
  • Reduces flooding impacts and limits costs of repairing damages
  • Fuels agriculture by providing energy and supplying water
  • Contributes to tourism, fisheries, forestry, and mining industries
  1. Watersheds Enhance Recreational Activity
  • Offers waterways perfect for physical activity, personal reflection, or for a picnic with your loved ones.
  • Provides opportunities such as fishing, kayaking, hiking, yoga, and more.
  • Allows for an escape from everyday city life.

Show your gratitude for our watersheds by keeping them clean. Do your part to prevent water pollution by properly disposing of pet waste and household trash, and making sure you’re not letting any harmful chemicals flow into the street. If you see it, report it! Click or call to report pollution.

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