Three Reasons Real is Better than Fake!

If your holiday season includes putting up a Christmas tree, here are three reasons to choose a real tree instead of using an artificial one:

  1. Fresh Air: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Studies by the National Christmas Tree Association report that an acre of Douglas fir trees can absorb about 11,300 pounds of carbon dioxide and produce the daily oxygen requirement of 18 people. Manufacturing artificial trees made of PVC, however, releases dioxins into the environment.
  2. Recyclable: Since real trees are biodegradable, when the season is over they can be recycled. Many cities and communities have green waste programs with free curbside pick-up service of discarded trees for recycling into compost or mulch. Be sure to remove all ornaments, tinsel and lights and cut any tree over 6 feet tall in half. More tips for green holiday recycling are available at the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources’ waste guide.

A DIY project: if you have access to a wood chipper, you can turn the tree into mulch for use in your own yard.

  1. Renewable Source: When Christmas trees are harvested, they are immediately replaced by 1 to 3 seedlings. Artificial trees are not a renewable source since they are a petroleum-based product.

Whether you cut your own at a local Christmas Tree farm or choose a harvested tree from a local nursery, you’ll bring the beauty and fragrance of nature inside your home.

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