Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Watershed Warriors

The New Year symbolizes a time for new beginnings and to make modifications to your routine. Make changes, make a difference and make 2018 the year that you dedicate yourself to becoming a Watershed Warrior with resolutions that will benefit the environment and you!

Here are seven New Year’s Resolutions to awaken the Watershed Warrior inside you:

  1. Take Charge of Trash: Our watersheds become polluted with litter from overflowing trash cans. Cut back on the amount of trash you generate. Use reusable shopping bags; only purchase products that you need. Recycle and reuse.
  2. Pick Up After Your Pet: Even our furry friends have an impact on our watersheds. Carry a disposal bag when you walk your dog and scoop the poop, then properly dispose of it in the nearest trash can.
  3. Change Your Car Care: Keep up with regular car maintenance to prevent oil leaks. Wash your car with biodegradable and phosphate-free soaps and always use an auto shutoff hose nozzle. Better yet, take your car to a professional car wash that reclaims wash water.
  4. Practice Water Conservation: Look for ways to use less water. Skip long showers; monitor landscaping irrigation to eliminate leaks and avoid overwatering.
  5. Volunteer: Join a river clean up; adopt a street; organize a litter pick up event for your community. Do we have any? For upcoming activities near you, visit
  6. Explore the Watersheds: Become familiar with three beautiful watersheds in Riverside County by checking out this map. Pick a location and take a day trip into nature!
  7. Become a Friend, Tell a Friend: Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share tips for keeping our watersheds protected.

This New Year, include watershed protection in your resolutions and be ready to see the results.

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