5 Ways to Love the Watershed With the One You Love

Typical dates for couples may include fancy restaurants, blockbuster movies, and theme parks but have you ever experienced our watersheds together? With three unique watersheds in Riverside County, there are plenty of opportunities for spending time with the one you love. Here are 5 ways you can create lasting romance in our watersheds:

  1. Volunteer: Working together side by side on a community service project is a great way to cement a relationship. Participate in a river trail clean up, plant trees, or remove invasive vegetation. Check the Schedule of Events or visit the Facebook page for upcoming activities.
  2. Exercise: From kayaking to hiking, Riverside County watersheds offer a diverse range of activities to keep you and your partner challenged. Grab your matching water bottles, skip the gym, and head outdoors.
  3. Picnic: Ready to break out of your usual restaurant routine? Can’t decide where to eat? Pack a lunch instead and head to the San Jacinto Mountains for a picnic. You will be amazed by how much better a meal can be when surrounded by nature rather than walls and tables. Be sure to pack out all your trash!
  4. Photoshoots: Nature makes a perfect backdrop, whether for engagement potraits or social media posts. Sunsets or sunrises, mountains, rivers or lakes, the scenery is always picturesque. Choose Lake Hemet, Whitewater River, or Lake Evans in Fairmount Park near downtown Riverside for great Instagram posts #CoupleGoals #InstaLove
  5. Relax: Ditch the sofa and binge watching. Instead, grab a blanket head to a Riverside County lake. Relax, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and spend time talking to each other, free of distraction.

Fall in love with, and in, our watersheds and make lasting memories for you and your partner.

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