Three Tips For Pet Owners in the Watershed

A great way to show some love to your dog is to take them on an outing to a park in a Riverside County watershed. Here are a few tips to make playtime in the park with your pet worry-free:

  1. Check Park Rules: Check online to see if pets are allowed at the park you plan to visit. Some parks may require a pet permit or may have certain areas where your pets aren’t allowed to roam.
  2. Scoop the Poop: Make sure you come equipped with waste bags to properly dispose of their pet waste. Tie up and dispose of the bag in a garbage container with a lid.
  3. Use the Leash: Many parks require that dogs are kept on a 6’ leash and controlled at all times. Some parks are home to threatened or endangered wildlife and this will protect both animals.

Knowing the rules will guarantee a fun time for your dogs and a clean watershed for everyone.

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