Choose Eco-Friendly Products for Spring Cleaning

Chemicals in typical household cleansers can lead to headaches, respiratory problems and eye irritation. A simple solution is to ditch the products with harsh ingredients and find natural harmless alternatives. Mixing up natural cleansers for your spring cleaning tasks – and everyday cleaning – can be better for your family, your wallet and the watersheds.

  • Embrace Homemade Sprays: You can clean everything from mirrors and windows to sinks and tubs with mixtures made from vinegar, baking soda and citrus fruits like lemon or lime (or their essential oils). Books, blogs and websites abound on natural cleaning products that can give you the recipes and the confidence to get you started.
  • Tee Up Dust Rags: Drop the paper towels and dig into the back of the closet. An old worn out tee shirt can be cut into several soft rags. The cotton content will pick up dust, buff up furniture and protect your wood finishes. Toss gently used rags into the washing machine for re-use. Discard the grimy ones and recycle another tee shirt!
  • Ditch the Dryer Sheets: Vinegar and your favorite essential oil added to the wash cycle will help keep clothes soft and static free.
  • Polish from Scratch: Store-bought furniture polish often has waxy ingredients that create unwanted buildup. A great alternative instead is to make your own with olive oil, distilled white vinegar, and lemon juice.

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