Family Fun Day at Fairmount Park, Riverside

One of the loveliest parks in the Santa Ana River Watershed, Fairmount Park in downtown Riverside offers a perfect location for families to visit, play and picnic. Accessible from the 91 and 60 freeways, this 245 acre park has numerous activities to choose from, providing a full day’s fun for everyone.

Miles of sidewalks and trails wind around the park, near wide expanses of grass, a beautiful rose garden and three recreational lakes. The scenery is relaxing at any time but Spring is especially pretty with mild weather to coax you into long walks. Many of the cypress trees throughout the park are from the original planting in 1911, part of the overall concept designed by the renowned Olmstead & Olmstead firm.

Public barbecue grills and picnic tables are scattered throughout the grounds, providing convenient places to enjoy a meal with family and friends. If you have a larger group, for a birthday or holiday party, the covered shelters are available to rent.

Lake Evans offers plenty of recreation from feeding the ducks that are always around, hoping for a handout of day old bread, to fishing to sailing. Sailboat lessons as well as pedal boats for rent are available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Young children will delight in the Universal Playground with its colorful play equipment. Built for all ability levels and wheelchair friendly, the playground is a safe and welcoming environment for physical and social development. Teens may prefer to play tennis or basketball on the courts, or even try their hand at lawn bowling.

History buffs enjoy the LVT A1 “Water Buffalo,” a giant amphibious tank set across the street from the American Legion Post and the full size Union Pacific Engine #6051 near the entrance to the park. Both are accessible, inviting curious visitors to examine the memorial installations.

With so much to see and do in Fairmount Park, it’s easy and enjoyable to spend a Spring day in this family-friendly park.

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