Three Ways to Spring into Action

While the calendar shows March 20 as the first day of Spring, for many people the start of Daylight Saving Time (March 11) signals the beginning of the new season. Moving the clock forward an hour for this seasonal shift is often a reminder to freshen up our homes after winter with a spring cleaning. Well, why not the watershed, too? The extra hour of daylight and the warmer weather offer plenty of opportunities to make a difference at one of the watersheds in Riverside County.

Choose one (or all!) of these activities to spring into action this month:

  • Community Clean Up Day: Organizations like Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful and Clean LE (Lake Elsinore) host clean up events during the Spring to pick up litter at parks, on streets and in waterways. Be a #WatershedWarrior and volunteer on a weekend morning to gather and dispose of the trash that might otherwise end up in the watersheds.
  • Free Bulky Item Drop Off: Many communities throughout Riverside County will be holding free drop off days for bulky trash items in March. After you clean out your house, you can take any used furniture, broken appliances, outdated electronics and old mattresses for free disposal to a location near you. Check out the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources website for a list of unincorporated community locations or visit your city’s website.
  • Learn to Compost at Home: Take a free backyard composting class from Riverside County Department of Waste Resources to learn how to turn your grass clippings, leaves and food scraps into a high quality soil conditioner. This DIY technique will keep excess material out of the landfills and save you money on fertilizers and soil additives.

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