4 Signs That You’re Drowning your Lawn

When it comes to watering your yard or garden, less is more. Overwatering not only harms your cherished greenery but also has detrimental effects on the environment. If you commit to watering your lawn or garden less, not only will your bank account thank you, but so will your favorite plants. Here are four signs that you may be overwatering:

1. No Room to Grow

Though brown patches in your lawn may seem like a sign that your grass needs more water, the opposite can in fact be true. Watering every day causes roots to become over-saturated and stunts their growth. The best thing you can do for your lawn is minimize your watering time to allow the roots to flourish and grow.

2. Your Water and Electric Bills are Sky High

Watering your healthy yard or garden every day is a waste of your hard-earned money. The more water you pump, the more electricity and water you use. This is not only bad for your wallet but harmful to the environment as well.

3. Too Many Weeds

Overwatering causes unwanted weeds to pop up, which can ruin your grass and result in more back-breaking labor. This means less time for you to enjoy your beautiful lawn or garden. If you have a serious weed problem, it could be because you overwater your lawn.

4. More Pesticides More Problems

Another sign that you may be overwatering is that you use a large amount of fertilizers to keep your yard or garden looking its best. When you overwater the chemicals do not have time to absorb properly and you tend to use more.  Overwatering can also lead to runoff which takes the unabsorbed fertilizer into our storm drains, endangering our watersheds.

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