Sending Watershed Warriors Back 2 School

Don’t be blue about the new school year, be green! Here’s a few helpful tips to send your kids back to school as Watershed Warriors.

Get off to a green start:

The start of school means school supply shopping. Here are ways to go greener and spend less green.

  • Pick up a pack of refillable mechanical pencils instead of the typical wooden pencil. They last longer and can be more cost efficient.
  • Buy notebooks made with recycled paper or take notes electronically.
  • If you’re in need of a new ruler, search for one made of materials like bamboo instead of plastic.

Ditch the Brown Paper Bag:

Did you know that the average student who brings a packed lunch creates 67 pounds of waste a year? Instead of “brown bagging” it, invest in a re-useable lunch bag. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If your child has a favorite character, chances are it’s on a lunch bag. Letting kids pick out their own lunch bag will help ensure that they’ll want to use it.

Sip in style:

Instead of buying disposable plastic water bottles throughout the year, save some cash and our watershed by purchasing a reusable water bottle. You might even find one to match your child’s lunch bag. Some schools have water fountains made especially for re-filling water bottles. Check to see if your school does.

Ride with friends:

Riding the school bus is not only one of the safest ways for a child to get to school, but also one of the greenest. It helps reduce air pollution, causes less traffic, and helps kids make new friends. You can also look into carpooling or if your kids live close enough to walk or bike to school, that’s also a great option!

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