Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Winter is finally upon us, and that means less worry about water usage, right? Wrong. Water conservation is just as important during cold days as it is on hot days. Be a responsible Watershed Warrior by preparing for rain, recognizing the signs of overwatering, and reducing water usage on a regular basis.

  1. Keep Your Storm Drains Clean: Rake leaves and grass clippings before they can get into the street, where most storm drains are found. Sweep the sidewalk and the gutters to remove debris that can clog the storm drain. Consider purchasing a rain barrel to collect water run-off from your roof. Use this water in your garden and keep it from being stormwater run-off.
  2. Create Your Own Oasis: Grass is usually not as vibrant during the winter. However, if there are many dry patches, you’ve most likely been overwatering your lawn. Take advantage of these mild winter days to xeriscape your yard. Replace grass with drought tolerant plants and landscaping to save water not only in the colder months but for the seasons to come.
  3. Take Control of Your Sprinklers: If you decide to keep a green lawn, be mindful of overwatering. Daily watering is not necessary, especially during the winter. Use your irrigation system effectively and adjust your sprinklers for water conservation. When rain is in the forecast, make sure your sprinklers are shut off, or install sensors that detect rainwater.
  4. Save Water All Day, Every Day: Continue conservation practices even when it’s not summer. Take showers instead of baths, wash full loads of laundry in cold water, and turn the sink off when brushing your teeth and washing dishes.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the peak of summer, water conservation should be part of everyday life. SoCalWater$mart is a program from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that offers rebates for items like irrigation systems, sprinklers nozzles and rain barrels to help you incorporate these tips and save money.

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