Seven Resolutions to Make 2019 a Watershed Year

With 2018 in the past, it’s time to look forward by setting new year’s resolutions for 2019. Along with “take more vacations” or “get fit” consider adding “become a Watershed Warrior” to your list with these 7 ways to spark the watershed conservation movement for the new year.

  1. Take the Scenic Route: Seeing is believing, and you’ll learn what’s to love, and protect, by visiting one of Riverside County’s three watersheds. There are amazing sights to see and plenty of activities to take part in. Check out the watershed map on our website to help guide your trip.
  2. Watch Your Waste: Plan meals for the week so you buy just enough food and avoid having to throw any away. If you do find yourself with excess vegetables, search the Internet for new recipes for soups or stews. Compost any remaining food such as fruits or vegetables, avoiding meats, cheeses and dairy products.
  3. Don’t Be Trashy: Minimize the amount of trash you create by making a conscious effort to recycle and reuse. This includes bringing reusable straws to restaurants, reusable cups to order coffee, and even taking reusable totes to the grocery store.
  4. Take Care of Your Ride: We take vehicles for work and play every day, so make sure you’re keeping up with their maintenance to prevent oil leaks. Wash your car regularly with eco-friendly soaps and cleaners.
  5. Eco-Furry Companions: Don’t forget your pets when you’re making your resolutions. Picking up after your pet is an important step in protecting our watersheds. Carry a bag on walks with your dog to dispose of dog doo. #DooGood
  6. Volunteer Your Time: Time is a priceless contribution and volunteering your time to help clean our watersheds is invaluable. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming volunteer opportunities to help make a difference.
  7. Spread the Good Word: There’s strength in numbers, and the more people that make small changes in their lives towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the bigger impact it will have on our environment and watersheds. Tell a friend! Forward the newsletter! Share the tips we send!

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