Love Your Pet Always & Fur-ever

February 20th marks “Love Your Pet Day” and what better way to celebrate your pal than “em-Bark-ing” on a watershed adventure. Here are some tips to make “Love Your Pet Day” good for your furry friend and the watershed.

Pick a Watershed: Many of our watersheds have great walking trails that vary in difficulty and some even have dog parks. Hound Town Dog Park in Moreno Valley, Redhawk Community Park in Temecula, and Civic Center Park in Palm Desert are all great options. Visit the website to see your nearest watershed and dog park.

Pack the Essentials: When preparing for a walk with your pet, always pack the essentials. Bring a reusable water bottle for you and bowl for your pet to keep you both hydrated. Your companion will also feel the love when you bring their favorite toy. Pack simple but nutritious treats when it’s time for a break.

Pick up the Waste: Don’t forget to bring bags for picking up pet waste. When dog doo is left behind, it can pollute the waterways. Bring enough bags so that you don’t run out and can help another fellow pet parent that might be in need. Take any used bags and dispose of them properly in a trash bin.

Wash off the Day: After a day at one of our watersheds, you can make home a loving experience, too by giving your pet a good bath. Use eco-friendly shampoo, especially if you bathe your pet outdoors.

With these tips, you and your pet can become Watershed Warriors together!

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