How to Have a Sustainable Relationship with your Mother

Planning activities and buying gifts can be stressful, so why not take the weight off yourself by taking some stress off your mom. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with some eco-friendly activities that both you and your mom will enjoy.

  • Are your mom’s kitchen utensils looking a little dull? If so, try baking soda; A thick paste of baking soda and water can be useful in removing surface rust and oxidization. A more liquid mixture of baking soda and water can function as an all-purpose light cleaner that’s particularly effective on grease.
  • Moms love flowers! Give your mom the gift of a garden this Mother’s Day by planting her some beautiful and drought resistant plants such as the California fuchsia which brighten up any backyard or garden.
  • Water her grass and clean her car! As the days get hotter, outside chores lessen and grass begins to burn. Give your mom a two for one gift this Mother’s Day by pulling her car into the grass and washing it using eco-friendly soaps and spray nozzles. Her car will be clean, and the grass refreshed.
  • Cook her something healthy and delicious! Give your mom the convenience of going out without leaving the house. Pick up some organic produce or meat and cook her a delicious dinner using eco-friendly practices such as covering your pans to reduce energy usage and grilling with clean burning fuel like propane.

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