Four Tips for a Green Fourth of July

During the excitement of Fourth of July, we forget that left over fireworks, debris, and trash is environmentally unsafe. It can often end up caught in storm drains causing some serious damage to our watershed. Here are four ways to properly dispose of Fourth of July waste:

  • Fireworks: While fireworks may be illegal in most area of Riverside County, if you come across any, make sure to properly dispose of them. Sweep up leftover scraps and place them in a bucket full of water. Drain the water into a sink and place the waste into a plastic bag and throw it away.
  • Recycle: Whether you are at home, a block party, or a city-wide viewing of fireworks, always remember to throw away trash. If you are hosting a barbeque at your house, have multiple clearly labeled trash and recycle bins. When attending a block party, if you cannot locate a recycle bin, set up a recycle station and take leftover recyclables to a recycle center.
  • Games: On the subject of block parties, make sure to clean-up all game accessories. Games such as corn hole, bowling, and frisbee all have accessories that can cause some serious blockage or leave damaging waste in surrounding storm drains.
  • Food: Fourth of July barbeques can sometimes leave you with more leftovers than you and your family can handle. Avoid throwing it out by passing it on to your neighbors or by just composting the organics.

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