Much Ado About Watersheds

More than likely you’re standing on top of a watershed right now. Water flows from streams, rainfall, or snow-melt and drains into major outlets, like an ocean or lake. Watershed protection is essential because litter, pollutants, and over-watering can do major harm to our watersheds and water sources.

Riverside County Watershed Protection is responsible for three watersheds. The largest is the Whitewater River Watershed which drains into the Whitewater River. Second is the Santa Ana River Watershed which drains into the Santa Ana River, the largest river in southern California. Last is the Santa Margarita River Watershed which flows into the Santa Margarita River.

It is essential to protect our Watersheds because they affect everyday life. Water pollution can cause damage to local water supply, harm wildlife, and affect the air quality. Most importantly, maintaining clean storm drains can prevent flooding and other environmental damage.

The three watersheds in Riverside County provide an essential service to our local environment, keeping water flowing throughout Riverside County and our neighboring communities. Learn how you can help protect our local watershed by clicking the link here.

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