Spoil Your Pups This Summer

August 26th is National Dog Day and that gives you another day to celebrate your pup. Here are ways to protect watersheds while spoiling your doggo during the hottest weeks of summer:

  • Re-Fashionista: Looking to upgrade your furry companion’s gear or sporting them with new duds? Before tossing their old leashes and clothing in the garbage, research local recycle centers that takes recyclable materials. Click here to locate the nearest recycle center.
  • Waste-full Dumpin’: When going on walks with your furry friend, always pick up after them, it’s the law! Using biodegradable dog poop bags avoids harmful plastics getting into landfills.
  • Share it, Then Collapse it: Equip yourself with a collapsible dog bowl. This avoids wasting water when hydrating your furry friend through a bottle. Additionally, bring a large size reusable water bottle so that you have enough for yourself and your dog.
  • Toxins? Tox-out!: Be on the lookout for toxic ingredients when shopping for dog shampoo. Research products with natural or plant-based ingredients. Doing so will avoid toxins getting into storm drains when bathing our pets in the grass.
  • Bake it! Don’t Fake it!: Ditch processed dog treats! Not only are homemade dog treats healthier for your pooch, it eliminates having to throw away plastic packaging.

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