Record Breaking Heat Doesn’t Mean You Have to Break the Bank

Did you feel that heat last month? July was a hot month; so hot in fact, that it went on record for being the hottest month in the history of California. When the summer temperatures are at its peak, we retreat inside our homes and search for instant ways to make ourselves comfortable. However, that often leads to environmentally poor choices that can affect our watersheds. Here is how we can save money and our environment as we settle in the hottest days of summer:

  • I see it, I like it, I use it, I unplug it: As we settle down for the day in our homes, we use our phones, laptops, TV’s, etc. to pass the time. It is common to leave our devices plugged into a charger so that we can maximize our time spent with it. Always remember to keep chargers unplugged when not in use, they still take up energy!
  • I had a good pun, but I didn’t want to faucet: The wonderful thing about water is that we can use it for just about anything. It can be a way that we cool down when the heat is unbearable. When using any faucet in your home, check for leaks! Even the tiniest leak can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • Water you taking so long?: Cold showers are an instant way to cool down from a long hot day, but keep it quick! Did you know that an 8-minute shower uses as much water as taking a bath?
  • Pile for miles: Staying indoors to avoid the heat encourages us to catch up on chores. Did you know that a single person can use around 40 gallons of water a year doing laundry? So, make sure to pile up larger loads of clothes so that you can get the most use out of your appliances!
  • Thermostrategizes: Raising the temperature a degree on our thermostat for the AC can make a huge difference. There are smart thermostat options that can do all the work for you! It can automatically adjust during peak energy times to save you money and the environment.

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