Don’t Let Your Lawn Fall to Overwatering

As we transition from sitting poolside on a hot summer day to cozying up by the fireplace during a chilly night, it is essential to remember that your yard will need assistance adjusting to autumn. Here are 4 ways to make sure that your yard remains robust this Fall season:

  • Set Your Timer – During Summer, our lawn has extended exposure to the sun and is in need of some attention. When we start shifting to chilly nights, set your irrigation system to water the lawn for a small amount of time during the morning. With less time to sunbathe, the lawn can retain its moisture throughout the day.
  • Let the Rain do the Work for You – Fall rain can bring some much-needed relief to your water bill and help reduce runoff. Check your local weather channels so that you can be updated when there will be rainy days. Shutting off your irrigation systems during rainy days not only saves water, but also saves your wallet!
  • A Constant Source – As we get deeper into the holiday seasons, there are few occurrences in Southern California when the ground actually freezes. When this happens, the area between the root and soil will retain water, causing your grass to retain moisture throughout the day, and allowing your lawn to require less maintenance.
  • Colorful Leaves Equal Dry Spots – Although beautiful, the colorful leaves that Fall creates can cause serious harm if left unkempt on your yard. Decomposing leaves produce dry spots on your yard which leaves room for weeds to grow. You also want to sweep them up before letting them clog up the storm drains.

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