Five Spooky Tips to Keep Our Watersheds Gourd-geous

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year often leaving a trail of gutted pumpkins and hollow wrappers. Looking for a few tricks and treats to avoid spooking our watersheds? Halloween has many opportunities to reuse old objects Put your fears to rest, for we have piled ways that you can recycle and reanimate this Halloween.

Leftovers Cauldron – Having a frightful gathering with friends, family, and ghouls? Nothing is ghastlier than letting your leftovers waste away. Refuse to let your refrigerator become a tomb for your food and throw them into your nearest cauldron to brew a marvelous stew. For example, gravy can be added to thicken stew or white sauce to make it creamy. Leftover meats such as steak or chicken can be chopped up and added for density. Anything can be crafted when you have cheeses, cooked pasta, mashed potatoes, and more!

Jack-o-Lan-Turn it Around and Use it Again – Save some bucks and dig into your belongings and find objects that can be revived. Last year’s plastic pumpkin candy holder can be reused for many years. A pillowcase or a reusable grocery bag can help keep plastics out of our watersheds. Costumes and decorations can be risen from the grave, traded with a mate, or fashioned from old materials.

Seal Away the Toxins by Staying Local– The rumors may be true that the mysterious neighborhood across town may bear devilish “king-size” candy bars. Don’t let temptation overcome you because that is a hair-raising way to increase your carbon footprint. Keep your travels local to avoid unleashing additional toxins into the earth.

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts – Don’t let that pumpkin carving go to waste. Every year thousands of pumpkins go to waste because we toss the insides away. Squeeze some life out of seeds by repurposing them into a snack or bake a pumpkin pie. Another alternative would be to purchase a pumpkin closer to Halloween and decorate it on the outside, then reuse the pumpkin when the holiday has concluded.

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