Doody Calls this Fall

Did you know that 56% of dog owners choose not to walk their furry friend because of weather conditions? With the risk of heated sidewalks burning dog paws subsiding, owners are more inclined to take their pup out for a walk in the cooler weather. With Fall being the perfect season to take your furry friend for a walk, it is essential to remember to keep scooping the poop so that our waterways are clear. Here are 4 ways that you can keep scooping the poop be simple as possible!

  • A “Diamond” in the Ruff: Leaves are especially beautiful during the Fall providing nature with a fresh style during the holidays. However, there is one “fresh” piece of business that isn’t welcome during the fall and that is pet waste. You will often find leaves left on the ground (which we recommend picking up to benefit your lawn) and that will leave unkept pet waste difficult to notice. Be a good neighbor and be sure to keep scooping the poop!
  • Make Way, My Pooch is Starting Their Day: It is important to have your companion follow a simple routine when it comes to restroom breaks! The morning and night hours are perfect due to businesses being closed and less foot traffic in surrounding areas. It allows you and your pup to get ample amount of exercise and to have plenty of open space.
  • Accessorize: Pet waste pollution is notably difficult to maintain during colder seasons because of rainfall. Rainfall carries unkept waste on sidewalks and lawns to storm drains which immediately pollutes our local watersheds. Accessorize your pooch with a portable waste bag dispenser. Alternatively, parks, neighborhoods, and a variety of hiking trails offer pet waste stations that include waste bags and a basket to store bagged waste. Be sure to take bags with you everywhere you go!

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