Experience Fall’s Beauty at Thomas Mountain

Get ready for your next great adventure in the beautiful outdoors! Thomas Mountain, located in the Santa Rosa Mountains, is the spot to spend your weekend this fall. Seen throughout Inland Empire, Thomas Mountain sits in the Whitewater River Watershed. Sitting at 6,825 feet, see spectacular views of the San Bernardino Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains and Toro Peak! Enjoy breathtaking scenery every step of the way and watch great American Eagles soar the sky during your stay!

With several trails to reach the summit, have a new adventure every visit. Ramona Trail is a popular trail for the lovers of hiking. Experience the real joys of fall with beautiful scenery of tall pines and season changing manzanita trees during the 12-13 miles round trip. Thomas Mountain Road also leads straight to the summit and can easily be reached by driving, biking or hiking. If biking is your thing, Thomas Mountain Bike Trail is just over two mile in length and runs between Ramona Trail and Little Thomas mountain for your adventurous needs.

Create unforgettable family memories while camping on Thomas Mountain.  A popular spot near the summit is Thomas Mountain Campground. Enjoy the warm fall day and crisp cool night and experience true wildlife in its beauty. Below the summit, another adventurous spot to set up is the Tool Box Springs Campground. If you prefer a more established campground, Lake Hemet Campgrounds is a perfect spot to stop. Book a cabin or rent a spot for your RV on your next trip!

Trails on Thomas Mountain are open from sunrise to sundown and is free to visit. Grab your camera and your sleeping bags, because this is one experience you are not going to want to miss!

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