Conserve Your Energy This Holiday Season

Make sure your light display is festive and watershed friendly this holiday season. If you’re still using strands with older, incandescent light bulbs, consider upgrading to newer LED lights so that your display is both festive and energy efficient. Energy efficient LED lights consume less electricity because they release a reduced amount of heat when illuminated. This small change can cut your holiday light power costs by approximately 80%, according to the holiday lights cost-calculator. When displaying your holiday spirit, protect your local watershed by following these safety tips:

Outdoor lighting safety tips

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures require outdoor waterproof extension cords.
  • Keep all electrical connections off the ground.
  • Do not use more than 3 sets of standard incandescent lights on each extension cord.
  • Do not run electrical cords through window or door openings where they might possibly be damaged.

Indoor lighting safety tips

  • Keep lights away from carpeting, furniture, and drapes.
  • Make sure household smoke detectors work properly.
  • Avoid running cords under rugs, through doorways, or near furniture where they may be stepped on or tripped over.

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