Get on the Watershed’s ‘Good’ List with These 5 Gift Ideas

Unsure of what to purchase this holiday season? Give a gift to mother nature and the special people in your life with these 5 eco-friendly present ideas:

  1. Reusable travel tumbler to cut back on plastic water bottles: Plastic water bottles are harmful to watersheds and the animals that inhabit them. Ditch the plastic bottles and get yourself a travel tumbler for the road!
  2. Reusable metal drinking straws: Plastic straws have been highlighted recently for their harmful environmental impact. Plastic straws are especially harmful to small animals because of their small size and shape. Ditch the plastic and consider investing in a set of metal drinking straws for your household!
  3. Pack of plant-based sponges: Artificial kitchen sponges are manufactured in a synthetic process that emits considerable levels of Carbon. On the other hand, plant-based sponge alternatives are produced in an environmentally friendly process. An interesting and unique gift, plant-based sponges might spark an additional interest in environmental preservation – the gift that keeps giving to all.
  4. Set of “Unpaper Towels”: Paper towels rank among the most common disposables. Due to the large quantity produced and transported, the journey of your set of paper towels from the forest, to the factory, to your kitchen is one that causes significant impact on the environment. Unpaper towels are a sustainable option, and a small set can be machine washed and reused.
  5. Eco-friendly Tea Infuser: Know someone who loves their Teatime? Cut back on disposable tea bags by gifting a sleek and stylish reusable tea infuser. Buying your own loose-leaf tea mixes gives you more freedom to customize the perfect cup of tea. Plus, you’ll have the additional comfort that your relaxation habits are watershed friendly.

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