Dogs Can Love the Watershed Too

A dog is an owner’s best friend. Show your furry friend love by playing with them and taking them on long walks! With these tips you can take care of the planet while taking care of your pet.

  • Doggy Bags: Picking up after your pup is important to keep our community and waterways clean. The microorganisms in pet waste can end up in our storm drains and cause harm to people, animals, and aquatic life.
  • Bath Time: Bathe your dog in the tub using non-toxic shampoo or get them professionally groomed. Using natural products will work wonders on your pet and keep our watersheds healthy!
  • Prevent Runoff: If you must bathe outside, place your dog on a permeable surface that can absorb the water to prevent runoff. This will keep any bacteria from flowing into our storm drains.
  • Watch: While we encourage you to go outside and have some fun, be sure to watch your pets and keep them away from streams and storm drains! Remember, these storm drains lead to lakes and waterways.
  • Play Time: Get crafty and make pet toys with re-purposing materials. You’ll not only save money but help the environment too. Check out these DIY Toys for inspiration.

Your pup can bring a lot of happiness and joy to your life, but always remember they can have a significant impact on the environment. Help your doggy be a watershed warrior too!

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