How to be a Watershed Couple

Are you and your significant other looking for eco-friendly things to do together this upcoming Valentine’s day? We can help you! Check out our tips that couples can do while also helping your local watershed!

  • Volunteer: Make it a date and participate in a local clean up together. One of the best ways to fight stormwater pollution is to participate in community clean ups. RivCo community cleanups can be found
  • Plant a tree: How romantic would it be if you could say you created a tree together? Trees provide clean air and help fight climate change. They also make for a special spot for dates and special occasions to remind each other that your love is always growing!
  • Bike together: Instead of driving, bike to your destination. Studies show that after joint participation in a physical activity, couples reported feeling more satisfied with their relationship. Plus, biking is pollution-free and great for the environment!
  • Agree to clean naturally: Make a pact to use only environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaners and soaps. You can plan a fun DIY soap date using all natural ingredients.
  • Recycle: Help keep Riverside County clean. Create a recycle bin in your home and recycle materials from your home. Then make a trip to your local recycling station together.

Two is better than one, so accomplish more as couple and help your local watersheds by committing to these tips.

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