Find Fresh Springtime Air at the Whitewater River

Recently, in the Riverside County, we have received over two inches of rain this year, making it a perfect time to take a trip to our local Whitewater River. Part of the Whitewater River Watershed, this reserve offers a variety of activities, from incredible hiking trails to relaxing bird walks. Put on your hiking shoes because these trails can get a bit rocky.

Whether you want to roam free or participate in a scheduled guided hike, you will be spoiled by the fascinating scenery this reserve has to offer. If the hikes seem too vigorous and you want to ease your mind, join a bird walk to relieve some stress. Bird walks occur every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 8:00 a.m.

Need to wind down at the end of the day? Join the Star Parties hosted by the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers, as they set up multiple telescopes for a closer look at stars, planets, moons and much more.

Help maintain the beauty of the Whitewater River Watershed and remember to clean up after yourself and your pets! Littering on the reserve can harm the ecosystem and affect wildlife. Help keep our waterways clean by disposing of your waste properly at all times. You can also join the watershed volunteer groups to help clean up the reserve, anyone is welcome to join! Weather it is strolling through the trails or volunteering to clean up the reserve there is something for everyone to do. Whitewater River has a lot to offer the community, so take advantage of the local activities it provides this time of year.

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