Let the Weather Do the Work: Conserve Water this Rainy Season

The rainy season is coming up and it’s a great opportunity to take a break from watering and lower your water utility bill. Make the most of our infrequent Southern California rainy days and protect the watershed by following these four simple tips:

  • Let the rain do the work for you: Let the rain do the watering. Keeping up to date with the forecast of the week gives you the opportunity to properly plan ahead and adjust your irrigation system. To avoid wasting unnecessary water be sure to turn off your irrigation system before it starts raining and don’t turn it on until you notice that your lawn needs it. You can also set up a rain sensor that skips irrigation cycles when enough rain has fallen.
  • Only water the lawn when needed: It is not necessary to water the lawn every day, especially during rainy season. Cutting back on watering will save water, time and money while still providing your lawn with the necessary amount of water to remain healthy. Plan your watering days ahead by checking the weekly forecast and avoid over watering.
  • Hold back on watering if it has been raining all day: When the forecast calls for rain you have the benefit of not watering at all. Over watering can be detrimental to your plants causing them to drown. It is standard to water garden plants more deeply and less frequently, doing so will reduce watering to once a week.
  • Take your house plants outside: Another great way to save water is by irrigating your house plants with the rainwater as it falls. Although, it is not recommended for food plants to be watered with water from rain barrels, pure rainwater is perfectly fine. Also, remember to bring out porch and patio plants into the open so they can benefit from the rainfall.

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