Help Yourselves and the Environment by Staying Indoors

As we all do our part to follow the State’s Public Health order to stay home and practice social distancing, here are a few watershed-friendly projects to keep busy at home and help keep your watersheds clean!

  • Having trouble finding paper towels? Wash soiled towels with hot water to disinfect and pair with your favorite eco-friendly soap/ detergent. This will help reduce waste while keeping your home sanitized. Please note that you should not flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet to avoid damaging our sewage system.
  • Don’t fight for water bottles at the market. Use tap water or invest in a filter. Water from the tap is held to strict state standards for water quality. If you don’t have a filter and want to avoid having to go out, there are some neat DIY filters you can do at home.
  • You can make your own hand sanitizer! It’s simple and can be done with common household items. The FDA recommends using 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) for best results. This organic method of making hand sanitizers will not only protect you from germs but also protect the environment.
  • Pay attention to your backyard. Take this time to make sure any vegetation is cleaned up and always turn off your sprinklers if there’s rain expected.
  • Explore our website! The Riverside County Watershed Protection has a ton of useful information about the Watershed and even some fun activities for your kids in our materials library!

We need to take this opportunity to be proactive not only for our safety but the planet we live on. Please follow the recommendations made by CDC and the Riverside County Department of Public Health. If you want more information related to the Coronavirus, please visit:

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