The Dog Days of Summer are Back!

August 26th is National Dog Day! As the summer really starts to heat up, remember to keep spoiling your furry friends with these three watershed-friendly tips:

  1. Summer Groomin’: Ready to bust out the clippers from the back of the drawer? While grooming your fur-ball in your backyard might sound like a productive way to spend the afternoon under the sun, remember to sweep and dispose pet hair into the trash! Sweeping fur or letting the wind blow it into the street will not only clog up the storm drains, but the waste could end up polluting your own water source!
  2. Scoop the Poop!: No one wants to start the morning stepping on a pile of poop. When going on walks with your furry best friend, always pick up after them! While any old plastic bags may do the job, consider biodegradable pet waste bags to avoid harmful plastics piling up in our landfills!
  3. Mystery Soap?: When picking out a shampoo for your pets, look out for toxic ingredients! Whenever possible, choose the most natural, plant-based alternative! Not only will your furry friend thank you, you can also avoid runoff pollution/ toxins from spreading to your yard! Remember, your pets are just as sensitive to chemicals as we are! They are not greasy dishes that require harsh chemicals to clean!

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