Be a Superhero to the Watershed

Did you know that there is a superhero who protects our watersheds? That’s right, it’s you!

National Superhero Day is on April 28th, and it doesn’t take special superpowers for you to be a hero for our local watersheds, just a little effort. Making a few changes around your home can make a big impact for our watersheds, so suit up and get ready to save the day!

  • Pick up after your sidekick: Make sure you clean up pet waste not only on your own lawn, but also while walking your pet. This will help reduce bacteria that gets into our waterways and can be harmful to the local ecosystem.
  • Check your lair for leaks: Running water and unknown leaks are the most common ways water can be wasted, which increases water bills and sends drinking water directly into the sewer line without detection.
  • Maintain your Supermobile: It’s important to keep your car well-maintained and fix any fluid leaks promptly, as well as make sure to clean up any spills. Don’t forget to recycle used oil at Certified Collection Centers in your neighborhood. Learn more about where and how to dispose of used oil and oil filters by visiting

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