Why Our Watersheds are Worth Protecting

What is a watershed? A watershed is a land area that water can flow off of and collect in bodies of water such as a stream, pond, wetland, lake or ocean. These areas not only supply our drinking water and water for agriculture, but they also offer opportunities for activities like fishing, boating and swimming. Watersheds are a crucial habitat for various animals and plants life.

In Riverside County there are three watersheds: Middle Santa Ana River Watershed, Santa Margarita River Watershed and Whitewater Rivers Watershed.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than $450 billion in foods, fiber, manufactured goods and tourism depend on clean, healthy watersheds. That is why protecting these vital resources is important to you and your community.

Here are some simple ways you can protect our watersheds:

  • Plant bushes, plants and trees that don’t use a lot of water, fertilizers or pesticides
  • If you use fertilizers, opt for organic
  • Repurpose or recycle yard waste
  • For walkways & decks use materials like gravel, brick or wood which eases runoff
  • Don’t pour oil or antifreeze into gutters or storm drains
  • Conserve water by taking shorter showers, washing full loads of laundry and dishes and repair any household leaks
  • Pick up pet waste
  • Walk or bike when possible as many pollutants in our waters come from car leaks and exhaust

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