Get out and Recreate at Lake Skinner!

Tucked into the picturesque and rolling hills of Winchester sits an expansive park that the entire family can enjoy. Lake Skinner is a reservoir which spreads across 1,400 surface acres and is operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Guests can enjoy boating or fishing for trout, bass or catfish while enjoying the beautiful views. There are also campgrounds, picnic tables and a splash pad for hot summer and fall days. With plenty of trails outdoorsy types can also hike, horseback ride or have a bonfire in a fire ring. Visit the link here for more information.

The reservoir was formed by the construction of a dam on Tucalota Creek, along with two smaller creeks. Tucalota Creek below the reservoir flows to Santa Gertudis Creek, then to Murrieta Creek, then to the Santa Margarita River before flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

Lake Skinner is an important component in the Santa Margarita River Watershed, so if you visit the fun park, be sure to be a great environmental steward and keep the area free of litter and waste.

Here are some tips to keep Lake Skinner and all parks clean:

  • Don’t litter- find a trash can and throw your trash away
  • Reduce the amount of waste you bring into parks by using re-usable containers that you can bring home with you
  • Practice pack it in, pack it out

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