Go Green on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day we get together with our loved ones to give thanks for our blessings and maybe eat a little too much turkey. While most people probably don’t think about the environmental impacts of a Thanksgiving feast, we want to share a few helpful tips on going green this Thanksgiving.

  • End wasteful practices – Use reusable dinnerware, glasses, and napkins.
  • Purchase local and organic foods when possible – Buying organic and local items can be costly but purchasing one or two items locally and/or organically grown can make a difference.
  • Eat mindfully – Eating to excess goes hand in hand with a Thanksgiving feast, but if you slow down and enjoy your food and eat with purpose, it’s likely you will eat less than you normally do.
  • Use natural decorations – Skip the craft store supplies for beautiful natural, biodegradable decorations you can find in nature. Gourds, pinecones, leaves, and acorns are examples of natural décor.
  • Compost kitchen scraps – Squash peels, beet greens and carrot tops can be used to enrich your potting soil. Invest in a compost bin and turn kitchen scraps into something useful instead of throwing them away.
  • Don’t forget about leftovers – Americans waste almost 40% of all edible food, much of it through improper storage. Encourage family members to bring their own reusable containers to take leftovers home after the feast. Follow the link here for creative ways to eat your Thanksgiving leftovers the next day.

And most importantly, remember to be grateful for the feast you have in front of you. Bon Appétit!

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