Box Springs Mountain Reserve

Trying to figure out your next nature getaway? Here is our choice: The Box Springs Mountain Reserve! The reserve oversees the cities of Riverside and Moreno Valley. It has 3,400 acres of land and several miles of trails that vary in difficulty and use. The Reserve is open to public from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.; entry charges are $5 per vehicle and $2 per dog.

Views of the Reserve’s Mountain are breathtaking, which are due to the park’s elevation of 3,000 ft. elevation. The Reserve is also the perfect spot for family picnics, walks, runs, and other forms of recreation. Enjoy the Reserve’s picnic tables and bathrooms adjacent to the various parking areas. Please remember to pick up your trash after visiting, which will help keep the park clean and the Reserve’s environment pristine. If you plan on hiking during your visit, consult a trail map before heading out. You can have access to the map here.

For more information regarding the Box Springs Mountain Reserve, click here!

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