How to Recycle Household Hazardous Waste Properly

Do you have products laden with chemicals, such as paints, thinners, cleaners and/or batteries at home? Do you know how to dispose of them? California law prohibits throwing away such products or chemicals. Instead, chemicals must be taken to a certified collection facility.

There are three permanent collection centers with free drop-off service and safe disposal located in Riverside County. Keep reading for helpful tips. 

Household Hazardous Waste Tips:

  • Transport limit: A maximum of 15 gallons or 125 pounds of household hazardous waste may be transported per vehicle, per visit.
  • Containers: Chemicals, except motor oil, fuels and anti-freeze should be in their original containers and labeled. All containers should have lids and be protected from leaking or breaking. Transport all household hazardous waste items in a sturdy box.
  • Keep it simple: Do not mix different types of waste or combine oil-based paint with latex paint.
  • Stay safe: Place the household hazardous waste box in the trunk of your car or in the bed of your truck. Keep items away from passengers.

To learn more about household hazardous waste and waste facilities, click here.

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