Host an Eco-Friendly Super Bowl Sunday Party

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner! If you are planning to host your friends, here are a couple of eco-friendly tips:

  • Make your own decorations – Do-it-yourself paper decorations are more meaningful and eco-friendlier than mass-produced plastic decorations. You can easily make these decorations with items found at home. For example, carve out your team’s name from extra cardboard boxes around the house, or use newspapers and magazines as a substitute for tablecloths. You can even make confetti with old magazines and mail. The vast world of eco-friendly decorating is yours, so get creative!
  • Take your own bags to the grocery store – When you go grocery shopping for all your delicious super bowl appetizer ingredients, bring your own grocery bags and avoid purchasing items that are packaged in plastic. Curbing your overall use of plastic can significantly reduce the amount of trash you create!
  • Ask your guests to bring reusable containers – By doing this, your guests will easily be able to take home leftovers and help reduce food waste.
  • Use real plates and cutlery – Cleaning up after parties is never fun, but using real plates and cutlery is far more eco-friendly than the plastic alternatives. If you really want to avoid using your non-plastic cutlery/plates, we recommend purchasing compostable utensils and plates.

Follow these eco-friendly tips and you will make the most important touchdown: the one for mother nature!

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