help keep our watersheds healthy

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make a difference in your community?

Here are some essential ways Riverside County residents can keep watersheds clean and healthy.

  • Throw Trash in the Can: Arguably the most important thing to do is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Never overestimate the power of small actions. These include bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or using fewer single-use products. Remember, the less trash the better. Most importantly, consider participating in community clean-up events! This can be a perfect family activity and a way to get involved with the community—all while becoming the ultimate #WatershedWarriors. Riverside County’s Department of Waste Resources organizes monthly community clean-up events; click here to get involved!
  • Clean Naturally: By switching to non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable cleaners or soap supplies you are choosing the healthier and safer choice for you and your family. This will prevent your loved ones from breathing in harsh toxic chemicals found in conventional cleaning products, which over time, can also affect wildlife and natural resources. When looking for eco-friendly cleaning products, make sure to check the label for keywords such as “Biodegradable” and “Phosphate Free.” Click here to see our outreach materials for additional information.
  • Dispose of Dog Waste: Did you know that a single gram of dog waste contains 23 million organisms that include bacteria, viruses, and parasites? This is why it is extremely important to #ScoopThatPoop every time you take your dog out for a walk. Leaving behind waste can cause illnesses to people and wildlife, damage aquatic ecosystems, and pollute drinking water supplies. Always remember to carry a plastic bag for your pet’s waste to toss in the trash.

Do not forget to spread the word! Talk to your family, coworkers, and friends about the importance of stormwater pollution prevention. For more information, please visit

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