How businesses can prevent pollution

Are you a business owner trying to be more eco-conscious?  Here are some tips to help you attain your eco-friendly goals. 

Reduce Runoff – First, locate the storm drains on or near your business. This will help you make sure trash or liquids are not flowing into the drains. Avoid discharging wastewater into parking lots, instead make sure that your cooling towers, boilers, compressors water softeners and other equipment are connected to the sanitary sewer. 

Recycle – Any and all hazardous waste must be kept out of the trash! There are collections centers specifically designed to accept business waste. All you have to do is contain, transport, and dispose of your hazardous waste at a business waste collection center. For more information regarding proper handling and disposal click here!
Use Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies – A great alternative for hazardous chemicals is to go non-toxic. Non-toxic cleaning supplies, such as detergents and dish soap, will cause no harm to the environment. When looking for non-toxic cleaning supplies, make sure to search for biodegradable and phosphate-free products. These tips will help you achieve the desired cleaning effect without the hassle of managing or disposing of hazardous chemicals.  For more information click here.

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