How to become a clean water leader

Tomorrow’s clean water leaders are formed today! We are responsible for shaping the minds of our future leaders, that is why clean water education should be one of our priorities.

Here are some ways you can teach your little one to be a watershed warrior:

  • Schedule a school visit – We offer an educational program where we use interactive tools during our presentations to teach kids how to become watershed warriors. Through our educational materials, kids will learn how to eliminate the pollution that contaminates our lakes, rivers, and streams. Your students will even receive a cool Watershed Warrior Certificate like the one above!
  • Get involved – There are many ways to help keep our watersheds clean and healthy. From individual organizations or simply by reporting pollution violations, any help makes a big difference in keeping our communities thriving. To learn about our watershed protection events, check our website or check our Facebook page for a list of our monthly volunteer event dates. 
  • Download our outreach materials – We have developed an array of educational materials to help kids learn about water prevention. 

For more information regarding outreach materials click here and if you are interested in requesting a speaker for your next school assembly click here!

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