What is Stormwater Management?

County Watershed Protection Program is a partnership between Riverside County, the Flood Control & Water Conservation District, Coachella Valley Water District and 27 cities that manage watershed programs. Together we strive to protect and enhance the quality of the water and the natural environment of our watersheds. By maintaining our watersheds clean and healthy we are actively improving the life of the people, flora and fauna who share the watershed.

Here are some ways our watershed monitoring program works:

  • Identifying long-term changes to receiving water quality conditions
  • Analyzing data to determine the impact of urban runoff and measure potential impacts to receiving water quality and its beneficial uses
  • Tracking water quality outcomes of watershed, document pollutant loadings and/or trends in pollutant loadings for specific watersheds or outfall

Thank you for helping us maintain our watersheds clean and healthy for generations to come! For more information regarding our monitoring programs, click here.

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