Environmentally Friendly Horse Management

With summer in full swing, has your child found an interest in becoming an equestrian? If your family is new to the equestrian world, there are a few things to know about horse management and its effect on our environment. For example, did you know horse waste is organic, but it can contain harmful elements like sediment, phosphorus, bacteria and viruses? Before taking the on the responsibility of a horse, here are some best practices for horse care taking:

  • Collect and Remove: Manure should be removed from stalls, pens, and corrals at least once a day.
  • Waste Deposit: Always deposit waste in sturdy, insect-resistant and seepage-free waste containers. 
  • Manure Coverage: During rainy days, it is essential that you cover the manure with tarps to prevent runoff of pollutants. It is also important to arrange for weekly manure pick-up service or compost waste. Bonus points if you donate the extra compost to a community garden!
  • Horse Maintenance: When giving your horse a bath, remember to do it on a permeable surface or in an area that is connected to the sanitary sewer. 
  • Avoid: To reduce runoff, keep horses away from streams, flood-prone areas and steep hillsides. 

Remember, proper management of manure, pastures and paddocks can prevent pollutants from entering local waterways and protect the health of your horse. For more information regarding manure management click here.

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