How to keep your pool stormwater-friendly

Hi neighbor, we hope you are enjoying your pool this summer! We want to make sure you are keeping your pool cool and stormwater-friendly all summer long. Here are three tips:

  • Pool Discharge: While many pools are designed to drain directly into the sanitary sewer, you should always check with your plumber or pool maintenance provider to make sure your pool is discharging properly.
  • Proper Drainage: Check with your local jurisdiction for proper pool drainage. For Riverside pool drainage check out the FAQ question “Do I need to notify the city before I drain my pool?” here.
  • Leftover Chemicals: To avoid chemicals washing into the storm drain and into our local waterways, make sure you properly store or dispose of any leftover pool cleaning chemicals. Take your unwanted chemicals to the Riverside County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.

To learn more about proper stormwater-friendly management of your pool, click here. To learn more about household hazardous waste, click here.

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