Stormwater Pollution Prevention 

Did you know that rainwater and irrigation runoff travels over land and picks up what we’ve left behind? This means that pollutants such as trash, pet waste and fertilizers can end up polluting our watersheds if we are not careful. We have three watersheds to protect here in Riverside County: Santa Ana, Santa Margarita and Whitewater River.

When rainwater and irrigation travel through the streets picking up pollutants, it ends up draining the polluted stormwater into our rivers. This means that the untreated water affects the quality of life of fish and wildlife habitats, recreational areas and drinking water supplies. Meaning that it threatens the water quality and decreases fish populations, or it can make the water unsafe for swimming and fishing. 

Here are some ways you can help prevent stormwater pollution: 

  • Don’t litter
  • Drop off hazardous waste at certified collection facilities. To find the nearest facility to you click here.
  • Make sure you #ScoopThatPoop
  • Don’t overwater, especially in times of droughts
  • Help educate your friends and family. You can find our outreach and education programs here.

If you are interested in locating a watershed near you, click here.

Thank you for helping us keep our watersheds clean and healthy for future generations to enjoy!

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