California-Friendly Plants for your Garden

California is experiencing a historic drought, and we are all being asked to make sacrifices to save water. Watering our grass has been one of those sacrifices Californians have been asked to participate in. But did you know there are plants native to California that do not require much water to survive?

Having plants native to your environment is the best way to keep a beautiful garden and adhere to the drought rules. Local plant species are characterized as being able to better absorb and use water more efficiently during periods of droughts to survive.

If you want vibrant colored native plants in your yard, here are some of our favorites:

Apricot Mallow (Sphaeralcea Ambigua): This plant is native to California, and it grows well in alkaline soil.

• California Fuchsia (Epilobium Canum or Zauschneria): This plant is native to dry slopes and chaparral of western North America, especially California. During the late summer and autumn seasons, it blooms bright scarlet flowers.

• California Redbud (Cercis Occidentalis): This easily recognized plant blooms from March to May, and when in full bloom it is covered with small pink and purple flowers.

Next time you are thinking about re-doing your garden or yard, look into incorporating native plants. By planting plants that are drought resistant you are helping future generations inherit an earth they can enjoy and help protect for years to come.

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