Eco-Friendly Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner, and this fall we are feeling extra grateful for the privilege we have of enjoying mother nature at its best. While California is experiencing a historic drought, we cannot help but feel grateful for our watersheds. Especially our healthy watersheds.

It is important we work together to keep our watersheds healthy. Watersheds provide us with clean drinkable water to our communities and provide water for growing food, including our delicious Thanksgiving Day food.

By becoming #WatershedWarriors, we are helping reduce the negative effects of drought and reducing the impacts of flooding. Therefore, we are allowing the waterways to be used as a recreation area for future generations.

Show your gratitude for our watersheds by keeping them clean. Do your part to prevent water pollution by properly disposing of pet waste and household trash and making sure you’re not letting any harmful chemicals flow into the street. Remember, we are in this together, if you see pollution in our watersheds report it here.

Thank you for being a #WatershedWarrior! 

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