Outreach Materials Library

Educational materials for our community.

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For General Pollution Prevention Information

Program Overview

Irrigation Runoff Fact Sheet

Sewer Spills – Pool Construction

Trash Poster

Household Hazardous Waste

Caltrans Illegal Dumping Avoidance Tips

CASQA Stormwater BMP Handbook

Riverside County Water Districts

For Kids

Watershed Warrior Activity Sheet

Kids Activity Sheet

Caltrans Kids Activity Book – English

Caltrans Kids Activity Book – Spanish

Caltrans Stormwater Runoff Poster

For Car Owners

Automotive Maintenance Guide

Mobile Business Industry Guide

Caltrans Metal Pollution Prevention Tip

For Yard Owners

Landscaping and Gardening Guide

Water Efficient Landscape Brochure

Pool and Spa Maintenance Guide

Mobile Business Activities Guide

Irrigation Runoff Stormwater Fact Sheet

For Animal Care

Horse Care and Barn Maintenance Guide

Dog Care Tip Sheet – English

Dog Care Tip Sheet – Spanish

For Businesses

Food Service Industry Best Practices – English

Food Service Industry Best Practices – Spanish

Industrial and Commercial Facilities Best Practices

Construction Site Best Practices Poster

General Construction BMP Brochure

CASQA Stormwater BMP Handbook

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